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Top 5 Transgender Dating Site Reviews


In the current age one’s sexuality and preferences are no longer limited to a specific gender. Men and women that prefer ts dating, shemale dating, and even transgender dating are able to find their favorite sites that are specified to their needs and desires and can offer them the type of connection they want. Like most dating sites offering a fun and engaging way to hook up with like-minded individuals, these sites are designed to allow interested parties to register and then begin to meet others through different methods that can be determined by their sexual preferences, hobbies, interests, and compatibility. The beauty of the internet is that it is becoming more and more personal in terms of being able to discover who a person is and what they might have to offer. This takes away a great deal of uncertainty that might otherwise hinder an individual’s efforts from finding their ideal partner or someone to have a casual, no strings attached fling with.

It’s also not an exclusive practice, as gender normative individuals are more than welcome to come and take a look as well. The inclusion of others that are not identified as transsexual, transgender, or even as cross dressers is an effort to insure that anyone seeking a good time is not turned away. With that in mind, here are the reviews for the top 5 transgender dating sites.

Dating Site Reviews

#1 TS Dating 

This is the largest site on the web that caters to transsexual, transgender, and transvestite individuals that want to meet up with a transgender date. TS Dating is a very useful site if you are into the TS dating scene or are simply curious. There are plenty of profiles and photographs to peruse and enjoy for even the most casual observer and there are many matches that can be made according to compatibility and the desires of the user. TS Dating offers a free trial membership for those that want to try the service but are not certain that they want to pay for the full cost of a membership. This trial period can give an individual the time needed to decide if this site is really the right one for them.

#2 Date A Crossdresser 

This site is hands down one of the most sought after platforms for transgender, shemale, and transvestite companionship. Boasting well over 35 million members it is backed by Adult Friend Finder, a veritable giant in the online dating scene. Date A Crossdresser is one of the most successful sites ever constructed for this purpose and is well known to offer safe and secure hook-ups for its members. It is even known for offering 12 weeks of free membership to those that either do not hook up immediately when entering the site or are still a bit unsure after their initial visit. This site is highly reliable and has built a reputation upon being one of the most trustworthy and upstanding dating sites in the industry.

#3 Crossdressing 

Not to be confused with TS Dating, Crossdressing is another very useful and exciting website that can offer a pleasant array of profiles of those that are into transgender dating. This is a safe and engaging site that seeks to make transgender dating as fun and hassle free as possible while offering a secure community to engage with. An interesting and exciting fact about this site is that it can also be used as a transgender escort service, meaning that you can enlist the services of your favorite escort for a night out on the town or something a little more intimate. The site has roughly 70,000 members to date and while it isn’t quite the largest site in existence it is still considered to be one of the most popular and fun-filled sites available. Whether you’re craving companionship or just a hook-up this site is no doubt one of the best to visit.

#4 Find A Shemale Lover 

There’s always the question of wanting to get a little more personal and find something other than just a date. This site is well known for being available to provide more than just a date or a casual hook-up. It can grant users the means of searching within their immediate area for individuals that are either like them and looking for a meaningful relationship or people that are perhaps curious and want to find some lasting form of companionship. This site is very region specific and works with location-based search tools that can help users find people close to them that are looking for something more than just a good time.

#5 Single Transexuals 

Among the many different sites that offer a safe and secure community for transgender and transsexual individuals, this site offers an exclusive experience to said users. Whether you are looking for the personal information on a favorite ladyboy or are seeking that match that will compliment your gender and sense of style this site is a good place to begin. This site is at this time well over 30 million strong and at any given time there could be hundreds of thousands of eligible users seeking that ever-elusive connection with another transgender or transsexual that wants to hook up or otherwise get together for a pleasant time. This site is also affiliated with Adult Friend Finder, so it’s expected that it will be safe, secure, and be as classy as any other location on the internet.


The internet is quickly paving the way for people of all genders to get together and allow such sites to become a mainstream service that will suit the needs of those that they cater to. It is still expected that users be polite, respectful, and follow the rules and etiquette of the site. If you want to get down and dirty make certain that the person you’re speaking to is in the mood. Also, despite the safe and secure nature of these sites it still pays to take precautions when dating someone that you’ve met on the internet. It’s recommended to tell a friend or someone you trust where you’re going and when to expect you back, if only to insure that you are protecting yourself., Your place for transsexual dating.

In today’s world online dating has become a totally acceptable way to meet and get to know any potential partner. Regardless of your intentions, be they dating or just a fling, online dating has finally tossed the social stigma’s that were commonly attached to it years ago. Though most social stigma may have been dropped there are still those who are uncomfortable expressing their desires, particularly those looking for a trans or she-male lover to spend their time with. In 1996 a UK based company called Grooby established itself as a pioneer company for transsexual online adult entertainment. To this day it has maintained top tier priority in the she-male, transvestite and transsexual community. gave way to a line of other websites but one of the focal points for many of it’s current members and potential clientele is Not only is this site full of wonderful people holding the same interests but it’s a simple, easy to navigate site with both free member and paid options. This website is full of great photo’s, honest profiles and has amazing customer support whether you’re a free customer browsing or a premium paid member.

New members will be prompted to input your e-mail which is assured to remain confidential to those on the site and elsewhere on the world wide web. Once you have input your e-mail, basic information as to your own gender and the gender of whomever you are seeking and your date of birth. Sign-up is really THAT easy. From there you are prompted to create your profile, complete with user name. They ask for a simple headline and a bit more about yourself, leaving ample space with a minimum of 25 characters, maximum of well over 1,200 characters.

From there you simply confirm your date of birth and check all that apply from an amazingly well versed list including, but not limited too cross dresser, dairy queen, en femme, en homme, friendship, group meets, hookups, lady-boy, non post op, post op and many more. The variety of people that you can find here on this dating site is absolutely amazing and so diverse there is surely someone for everyone at just the click of a mouse. Once you’ve done your profile you’re directed to the main page, where the fun begins!

The first thing you’re faced with is an easy to navigate home screen filled with great information. There are articles, blogs and forums for those who enjoy a good bit of reading but centered on the page are your potential matches with the option to check no, maybe or ‘heart’ them for a yes. At the top of the page are easy to find buttons that take you to your home page, allow you to search, show your friend requests, your alerts, mail and IM chat (usable by VIP only). Here on the home page you also find options to view galleries, see events local to you and see which of your friends are online.

The search function is elaborate but not to the point where it’s painful to use. It allows you to search via general criteria, advanced criteria and search by user name. The advanced criteria incorporates the general and basic search information as well as cock/breast size, sexuality, build, member level, verification level and more allowing you to hone in your searches very easily for only those you may find interesting and meet your wants and needs to the fullest extent available. (Be sure to fill out your profile to get on searches that others may be making! Connections go both ways!)

If finding a cross dressing, TS, lady-boy or any of the ‘off the edge’ types is up your alley or exploring that side of yourself in a safe manner is what you’re looking for that is the site for you. With amazing customer support staff, over 10,000 active members around the world at any given time and numerous ways to communicate with those around you it’s hand’s down one of the top dating sites. Whether you’re looking for a casual fling, some webcam fun or something much more long term and serious in your life you can find the right person for you at where people safely connect worldwide.

TS Dating Review
Shemale Dating – top 5 TS Dating Reviews.

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  1. Grooby Dating is nothing but a scam. The pictures, and solictions are computer generated. You send in a reply, to someone you would like to hook up with, you get no response. I sent in probably 20 to 25 E-mails from ones that wanted to meet me, and received absolutely no response at all!! I tried to cancel my membership, and they make it nearly impossible to cancel your membership once they have your credit card number. Don't waste your time, or money with this site. I had to call my credit card company and tell them not to give them anymore money, after they charged my account again-even though they were told a week ago to cancel my membership.